Michael Conforto: What To Expect In 2016

Spring Training is just around the corner, and expectations have never been higher for the New York Mets. After a very successful offseason where the Mets made major upgrades in both the bullpen and infield and were able to miraculously bring back slugger Yoenis Cespedes, the NL East should belong to the Amazins once again.

One player coming off of a very good 2015 is outfielder Michael Conforto. In 56 games with the Mets, Conforto was impressive at the plate, as he accumulated a .270 average while hitting 9 homeruns and batted in 26 runs.

When Conforto was first called up to the big leagues, there were many doubters, as he was considered raw on the defensive side of the ball; however, he quickly quieted his critics. During his stint with the Mets, Conforto showed great speed and range in the outfield, while also showing off his cannon of an arm on multiple occasions.

Despite the fact that Cespedes is considered the big bat in the middle of the line-up, Conforto will still play a significant role on both sides of the ball. The second year man is projected to hit anywhere from the five to seven spot in the line-up. Regardless of where Conforto is in the batting order, his big bat will be needed if the Mets want to continue their dominating run, dating back to when he was first called up to the Big Leagues.

If Conforto can stay healthy there is no reason why he can’t continue his success that he has had playing in the MLB. Terry Collins was pleased with the progress he saw from Conforto last season, and will give him every opportunity to succeed in 2016. Expectations are high, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Conforto hit over 25 home runs with a .280 plus average. He has thrived offensively at every level of baseball, and he will continue to do so in the MLB.

With Opening Day a little over a month away, only time will tell how good Conforto will be in 2016. The Mets are one of the favourites in the National League, and will be for years to come. We got a small glimpse of what Michael Conforto can do, and he will look to continue his success this upcoming season.


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