What To Expect From Travis d’Arnaud In 2016

In 2015, New York Mets fans got a glimpse of just how good Travis d’Arnaud can be. Despite landing on the DL on multiple occasions, d’Arnaud was still very productive offensively, as he played a significant role in the Mets World Series run. Barring injury in 2016, there is no doubt that the 26 year-old catcher will be among the leagues best.

Despite only appearing in 67 games, d’Arnaud batted .268, while hitting 12 homeruns and 41 RBIs. With an on base percentage of .340, he showed signs of major improvement from the previous season. If d’Arnaud can continue to stay patient at the plate, he can definitely be among the leagues elite this upcoming season.

A lot of d’Arnaud’s success will rely on if he can stay healthy. With a full season behind the plate, there is no doubt that the Long Beach native can be a .280 hitter capable of hitting 20 plus homeruns. With good power, and the ability to hit the ball all over the field, d’Arnaud will thrive offensively in 2016. With such a dynamic offense that the Mets possess, d’Arnaud will no doubt accumulate a career high when it comes to RBIs.

Defensively is where d’Arnaud tends to struggle at times. He doesn’t have the strongest and most accurate arm when it comes to throwing out runners. Opposing teams were often successful when attempting to steal. If he can improve on this, then d’Arnaud will definitely be one of National Leagues top catchers.

The sky is the limit for Travis d’Arnaud and the New York Mets in 2016. The only thing holding him back is his inability to stay healthy. If d’Arnaud can stay in the line up, he will be among the leagues best at his position during the upcoming season.


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