Interview With New York Mets Prospect PJ Conlon

This past weekend I had the privilege of interviewing New York Mets prospect PJ Conlon. Drafted in the 13th round of the 2015 MLB draft, Conlon posted stellar numbers with the Brooklyn Cyclones. In 17 appearances, Conlon pitched 17.0 innings, with 25 strikeouts and an ERA of 0.00. Conlon will continue to dominate hitters in 2016.

Q 1) What has been your favourite part of the offseason so far?

A: I would say my favorite part has been the opportunity to completely focus on baseball 100%. I’ve been able to devote all my time to getting myself stronger and in shape without having to worry about school and classes or things like that so I’m excited to see how things have paid off when I show up to spring training.

Q 2) Explain what it was like being drafted by the New York Mets?

A: It was a feeling that I’ll never forget. It was just a tremendous honor. It’s hard to describe because it was a dream come true. I remember just sitting at my computer pretty sure that the Mets were going to be the team and when I finally heard my name I just laid back for a second and took a sigh of relief knowing that my hard work was paying off and this was the start of a whole new journey I had been dreaming of since I was 5 years old.

Q 3) Is there a player in baseball who you look up to?

A: Currently in the MLB from a pitching stand point I would have to say David Price. Just his dominance is fun to watch. From a personal standpoint I definitely look up to Marcus Stroman because I too am on the short side of what people think pitchers should be and he’s set out to prove to people that those type of things don’t matter and I relate to that as well.

Q 4) What was your favorite part about playing for the Brooklyn Cyclones?

A: My favorite part had to be all the fan support out there. They showed up to every game and were always very kind and supportive to all of us players so they definitely made it a pleasure to be able to play in Brooklyn. The fans made it a lot of fun to show up to the stadium everyday.

Q 5) After such a dominant 2015 season, what are your goals heading into the upcoming season?

A: I try to stay away from result oriented goals such as things like ERA and numbers like that because that kind of thinking a lot of the time turns out to work against you. So what I’m just trying to do for this upcoming season is stay healthy, be a good teammate, throw strikes, and keep a positive attitude and the rest will take care of itself.

You can follow PJ on twitter: @pjconlon29


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