Interview With New York Mets Prospect Patrick Mazeika

This past Wednesday, I had the privilege of interviewing New York Mets prospect Patrick Mazeika. Drafted in the 8th round of the 2015 MLB Draft, Mazeika is coming off of an incredible season with the Kingsport Mets. In 62 games, he batted an astounding .354 while hitting five HRs and accumulating 48 RBIs. The Mets announced that Mazeika was the recipient of the 2015 Sterling Award, given to the MVP on each minor league team. Mazeika will look to continue his success in 2016.

1) What has been your favourite part of the offseason so far?

My favorite part of the offseason has been the last few weeks because I’ve been able to hit and throw a lot to get ready for spring training.

2) Explain what it was like being drafted by the New York Mets?

It was a really great moment in my life. Kids dream of being drafted and the Mets are a great organization with a bright future.

3)Is there a baseball player you look up to?

There are too many great players to even list a few. I’ve always liked players like Jason Varitek that are leaders behind the plate.

4)What was your favourite part about playing for the Kingsport Mets?

The whole experience was great because we had such a great group of guys. My favorite part was clinching first place in our division.

5)After a great 2015 season, what are your goals heading into the 2016?

My goals are to win wherever I am at. Also to continue to grow as a player and get better every day. I want to help make the guys I work with (pitchers) better.

6) Do you think Opening Day should be a National Holiday?

If it helps grow the fan base of baseball!

You can follow Patrick on twitter: @pattayymaz10


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