Fantasy Baseball: Top five sleepers

With the baseball season under way, it’s time to talk fantasy! There are lots of intriguing story lines heading into the 2015 season, with the biggest arguably being Alex Rodriguez, and if he can come back from such a lengthy suspension. Either way, it should be a season filled with fun and excitement. Here are my 2015 MLB fantasy sleepers of 2015.

Marlon Bird

Back in 2012, it looked like Marlon Bird’s career in the MLB was nearing a conclusion. Fast forward three seasons, and he is back to being a full-time starter. Over the past two seasons, Bird has hit 49 home runs, with 183 RBIs. Those are very respectable numbers for an outfielder of Bird’s age. It is hard to say when the 37 year old will start to show signs of slowing down; however there are zero indications that this is going to happen anytime soon. Bird will be drafted towards the end of drafts, and would be a great steal as a utility player.

Alex Rodriguez

Even at 39 years of age, there is no doubt that Alex Rodriguez can still be an impact player with the New York Yankees. After a very solid spring training, Rodriguez will get the start at third base, and will have ample opportunity as the season begins. If Rodriguez can continue his solid spring training play, then he will be an asset to any fantasy team. It may be risky to rely on him as an everyday third baseman, but would be a very solid utility player, who won’t be taken till the very later rounds.

Michael Cuddyer

The New York Mets in an uncharacteristic move this offseason, gave Cuddyer a two year contract worth 21 million dollars. The biggest question regarding Cuddyer is his durability and whether or not he can stay healthy for the duration of the season. There is no doubt that Cuddyer can be a productive player, as he hit .332 and .331 the past two seasons. With the fences once again moved in at Citi Field, Cuddyer has the potential to hit for power this season, and would be a solid third outfielder option.

Martin Prado

The best asset that Martin Prado bring to the table is his versatility. Listed at second base, shortstop, and outfield, Prado can have an impact all over the field. At only 31 years of age, Prado has lots of baseball still left in the tank. Last season, he spent time between the Diamondbacks and the Yankees, where he combined for 12 home runs and 58 RBIs. Prado can be plugged into the lineup at multiple positions, and can be had in the very later rounds of the draft.

Justin Morneau

Last season, Justin Morneau was able to avoid injury, and was quite productive. Playing in 135 games for the Rockies, while hitting 17 homeruns and 82 RBIs, also batting .319. If Morneau can stay healthy, he will prove to be a great addition to any fantasy team. It was be a little bit of a stretch to start Morneau at first base; however, he would be a solid utility player or a solid player off of the bench.


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